Hackers, hackers everywhere and their different hats.

From work, gaming, socializing, cars and everything in between, our World consists of being connected to the internet at all times. With a Digital Era that keeps improving everyday and the accessibility to information at our finger tips, is our information really safe? 

Hackers, with their unique characteristics and methods, will appear from the depths of the World Wide Web and try to knock on our Data Door. They are constantly trying to perfect their hacking techniques while we are adapting and improving our Cybersecurity measures. Each hacker has its own motives, skills and plans to attack on individuals and businesses and they are usually classified as wearing different colored hats. 

• Black Hat

The type you hear about in the news. 

These cybercriminals are known for tirelessly trying to steal sensitive data to make a profit out of it. They are experts using devious cyberattacks such as ransomwear, spywear and other methods to get their hands on the information. They also use blackmail to threaten the release of these documents. These are the number ones at any business risk list.

• White Hat

The opposite to the black hat hacker. 

The White Hatters have the same skills that the Black Hatters but with different intentions. Their main goal is to help the government, businesses and individuals to prevent cyberattacks by searching and spotting security flaws while adding effective protection  solutions.

• Red Hat

The Robbin Hoods of hacking. 

Like the White Hat Hackers, the Red Hats will work to put a stop to the Black Hat Hackers by using their own Black Hat arsenal and turning it back against them. The Red Hat Hackers are not hired by businesses for government to do this type of work. They also will bring back what was stolen and will help those in need.

• Grey Hat

Just for the joy of it. 

With the knowledge of the Black Hat and White Hat Hackers, the Grey Hat Hackers will work themselves in any network they find gaps in. They are not interested in stealing information nor helping fight against the Black Hat Hacker, it’s mostly the excitement and challenge of breaking into private networks, finding security flaws and simply having fun. 

• Blue Hat

If it exists, they’ll change it for their benefit. 

There are two characteristics for the Blue Hat Hackers: 1. They will modify existing malware and viruses they find online to cover their specific hacking needs; 2. Businesses will provide the Blue Hat Hackers access to make tests to the systems or software before they go live.


• Green Hat

Hackers in training. 

The ones in training! This type of Hacker are the ones that are constantly learning and practicing to advance with their coding, scripting and hacking knowledge. Mostly hanging out asking questions in forums and following the steps of higher experienced hackers to learn from.

• Script Kiddie

Flooding till it collapses. 

This isn’t a color nor a hat but the Script Kiddie Hacker can cause damage or loose customers to any business. They will download malware, learn how to use it and attack by making a DoS (Denial of Service) or DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) to a website. What they do is create fake traffic to the IP address and flooding it until it collapses.

• Gamer Hacker

Tricked you in plain sight. 

These are known for using the latest video game trends to manipulate other gamers into providing sensitive information that’s attached to their accounts and make profit with this Data. 

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