With emerging technologies and new applications, also comes the risk of intrusions. Keeping your business protected with the right Security Tools is a requirement to protect your bottom line, your customer data and your employees and organization information. There are many layers to security and protection. We can help you asses how to best protect your organization.

Network security


Set policies to allow or block traffic, protect your network from untrusted outside networks such as the Internet. Review your telecom Network security and prepare policies for contingency and disaster recovery scenarios.

Endpoint Protection

Protect your organization from Malware accessing your network through end users. Advanced Endpoint protection, Server Security, Mobile Threat protection, Web Protection and Encryption.

Email Security

Email is the number one threat vector for a security breach. Email security blocks incoming attacks and control outbound messages. Hackers use tactics to deceive recipients using familiar applications. Email protection should be a security priority to address the main vehicle use by intruders.

Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration tests

Use the tools available to find vulnerabilities in your network and web site. Receive specific information with critical categorization.

Remediation and Mitigation

We provide technical support to manage remediation and mitigation from Vulnerability assessments and Penetration tests.

Network Architecture review

Follow best practices to build a strong and secure network. Use segmentation to put network traffic into different classifications to add efficiency to the use of the resources available. Evaluate your access control in the construction of your active directory to create policies based on user roles. Consider VPN to create secure and encrypted point to point connections.

Wireless Network Security

Review your encryption and authentication policies when configuring your wireless network. Consider rogue access points, and possible vulnerabilities for attacks against WLAN infrastructure.