Let’s talk about Co-Location 

Also referred as Colo, Co-Location is a large Data Center facility that rents out rack spaces to clients for their servers or equipment. This service is very beneficial for business that do not have the space or resources needed to maintain their operations but want the full benefits.

What is Co-Location?

The term Co-Location refers the way IT equipment and resources are located or installed. The term references the fact that servers and other equipment from many different companies are ‘co-located’ in one data center. Usually organizations own their networking hardware and these are housed and maintained by Data Center staff.

Benefits of having a Co-Location Service:

  • Better Connectivity
  • Improved Network Security
  • Redundant Power Supply
  •  Room for Growth
  • Cloud Migration
  • Bursting Capability
  • Reliability

Interested in having our Co-Location Service in your business? Contact our Tech Gurus at (787) 705-0555 for more information. 

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