Different Types of IT Teams

Every IT team is different but all are formed with the same common principles. Here are four types of IT Teams:

1. Project Teams:

These are teams that will implement systems, help solve specific problems or make changes in one specific project until completion. Once the project has ended they will transition to a new project.

2. Process Teams:

Also known as IT Business Support Teams, they are a team of analysts, project managers and data experts that have permanent tasks with owning, managing and improving the IT Systems of a business.

3. Operations Team:

Also known as IT Service Management, their main objective is to maintain the IT Ecosystem up and running at all times. They focus on technology infrastructure, monitoring and ensuring that the services and systems are performing normally to support the business operation

4. Support Teams:

These team is a combination of the operations and project teams. They will ensure that the business is performing correctly while completing many projects each day.

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