Get to know the 3CX Communication System

The impact of past events have businesses recognizing the importance of having remote access to their phone systems. The 3CX Communication System is a PBX System that provides a variety of services with one single app. This system can help you build a more efficient way of directing calls within the organization, understanding how they’re being handled by the team and where improvements should be made. The features of having this next generation office phone systems with us are:

• Remote Work

This provides ways for employees to work remotely with efficiency and not loose customers or sales.

• Call Center

With the system you can have advanced features like call monitoring, call recordings and call queues.

• Call Back

This feature provides the option to the user for a call back without losing their turn, boosting your Organization with a cost-effective solution when compared to other companies.

• Reporting

The insights you need to keep track, analyze and understand customer behaviors while providing information for employee evaluation.

• Local Support

Located in Puerto Rico, we have the tech knowledge to provide support to our clients.

• Latest Technology

We are constant updating and maintaining the system with the latest technology to prevent flaws or issues.

We are the only ones in the Caribbean and LATAM that have reached the highest 3CX Titanium Partner distinction for four years in a row!

Connect with your customers and prevent sale loss with the 3CX Communication System!

For more information about the 3CX Communication System, contact our Tech Gurus at (787) 705-0555.